Boasting to be one of the most anticipated matches in all the games in the NFL, the Superbowl comes only once a year and with each coming year, the number of fans looking forward to the game increases. Here you can watch Super bowl 2019 Live Stream. 

It is a one-day event that is determined by the results from the playoffs and in the case of 2019’s Superbowl tournament, we are going to determine the teams to partake in it from the playoffs in the 2018 games. As much as the playoffs may be heated up, they’re nothing compared to the Superbowl and it would be quite sad to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

So, that brings us to why you’re reading this right now. We’re all about covering as much as possible regarding the 2019 Superbowl game. How can you get the live stream? Where and when is the Superbowl? Where could I get the tickets? These are just but some of the areas we’ll be covering in this article.

So, now that you got a rough picture of what you’ll be looking forward to, let’s head on and start by taking a look first at the official live stream channel for the Superbowl, shall we?

What should you expect from the Superbowl 2019?

This year’s Superbowl will be the 53rd Superbowl in the NFL and an end to the 2018-2019 season league. It will also be the final game that determines the champions for the playoffs that started in 2018.

The game will be held in Atlanta on the 3rd of February 2018 and in addition to this, there is an option to stream the game live on CBS but this is only limited to fans in the USA. If you are a die-hard fan of the game, you can grab a ticket as early as now to watch the game at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta.

Like most of the games in the previous years, the stadium is going to be really packed and it is expected that the numbers reach an outstanding 80,000 despite the stadium having a capacity of only 71000 people. Some of the major teams such as the Chiefs, the rangers and the Patriots will be returning to the Superbowl come 2019.

The commencement of the Superbowl 2019 should be at 3.30 PT and 6.30ET in the united states. If you are in the U.K, the game will commence at 11.30pm. I’d recommend that you be really keen on the time zones

Superbowl 2019 live stream

Super bowl 2019 Live Stream

Like most major games all over the world, the Superbowl too can be streamed online. The tickets to the game are limited and there’s really no guarantee that you’ll be getting to sit in on the game at the stadium.

Now, if you happen to miss out on the tickets, the Superbowl 2019 live stream issurely a viable alternative. As much as the live stream can be accessed by lots of people in the USA, there are some limitations as to who can watch the game in other parts of the world such as some regions in Asia as well as most parts of Africa.

Taking this into account, how about we take a look at the official live stream option as well as some workarounds to fans in the blacklisted regions.

The live TV streaming service- cable TV

When it comes to a live stream of the Superbowl games each year, you can expect this to be on either of 3 television networks. These include the CBS, Fox and NBC TV

For this year’s game, it will be broadcasted live on CBS in the United States. The downside for this is that it does not really come cheap and for the best and seamless experience, you will need to have a Cable TV subscription which unfortunately is not available in all parts of the USA which makes it even rarer in other parts of the world. On the bright side, however, opting for the official live stream of the game means that you’ll be getting the best stream straight from the source.

More on cable TV subscriptions

The advantage to having cable TV for the live stream is that this way, you’re going to get an uninterrupted stream of the game- no advertisements and no disconnections whatsoever. The flip side of the coin with cable TV is that besides not being available in some parts of the USA, cable TV also does demand that you have a subscription which might not really be affordable by most people.

If you already have a cable TV subscription, you will also need to have a subscription to the CBS network which means additional cost on watching the Superbowl.

Alternative official live stream sources

If you do not have the cable TV, the other and only option available for you is having a stable internet connection. There a lot of devices that support live TV which we’ll take a look at later on but the idea behind watching the game on the internet is, for one, that you’ve got flexible options which means that you will be able to watch the Superbowl while on the go.

But here’s the downside…

As much as you will be able to stream the game live on most devices, you need to have a really stable internet connection since this will determine the quality of the stream. If slow, it would mean that you will have to either put up with low-quality videos. Even worse, you might have to put up with lags which, on a live stream would mean that you will be forced to miss out on some minutes of the game.

Like the cable TV service, relying on the internet connection for the Superbowl will also require you to have a subscription on CBS network.

Third-party streaming options

As you can already tell, the residents in the USA are at a huge advantage when it comes to streaming the Superbowl and if you’re not in the US, you’d have to go an extra mile so as to get the best streaming experience. Well, no need to worry about that, we got you covered.

Let’s have a look at some third-party streaming options that have a contract agreement with CBS via which you can have a fairly good experience come February 3rd.

Superbowl lives stream via sling TV and Fubo TV.

Most areas outside the USA are considered blacklisted regions. This means that due to geographical limitations, one cannot really be able to enjoy the game as much.

The best workaround to this is opting for a reliable third-party streaming option. There are quite a lot of these but unfortunately, not all of them are really that good. So, to save you all the trouble of having to search for the best, we’ve got two of the most reliable you could get.

Sling TV

Sling TV is renowned for hosting live streams for a lot of other major sports such as ice hockey and the best thing about watching the game on sling TV is that you will only need to subscribe to their various packages and they’ll do the rest for you.

Provided you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be good to go. For the Superbowl, you’ll need to have the blue package.

Fubo TV

Like sling TV, Fubo TV is yet another online streaming service and the advantage this one has over Sling TV and most of the other online streaming services is that the rates are much more affordable. At the same time, the quality of the stream is mind-blowing.

Besides the Superbowl, one can also have rights to all the other NFL games which means you will not only get to see the Superbowl but you can get to experience how the playoff games have built up to the Superbowl game which makes it even more interesting to watch.

Yet another thing that makes Fubo TV the best possible alternative you can get outside the USA is that it is also available in some apps and more so, they do offer a free trial period. If you’re not really concerned with the playoff games, you could go ahead and take advantage of the free trial to watch the live Superbowl game.

There are also other streaming third-party services such as HULU TV but the downside to this alternative is that it is mainly geographically based such that some people even in the USA cannot be able to use it. You’ll be required to type in your Zip code before watching any games in this hence no workaround to it.

Watching the Superbowl live on YouTube TV

We all know about the live streaming service offered by youtube to anyone who has an account, right? Well, if you get a reliable source, you can actually be able to enjoy the game without paying a dime whatsoever. YouTube TV is also available to anyone in the US and the rest of the world and the streaming quality, if you have a stable internet connection is outstanding.

As good as it is and also considering the fact that it is completely free of charge, the limitation to counting on this for your live stream is that you don’t really have the guarantee the source of the stream will cover the game as good as third-party sites and CBS network will. Being a matter of try and error, I’d recommend that this only be your last resort.

·         A live stream on PlayStation Vue

Yet another service that depends entirely on the internet is watching the Superbowl on PlayStationVue. PlayStation Vue depends on you to have a stable internet connection and in addition to this, you will need to have a compatible Device. Some of these include, obviously the PlayStation console, Android TV, Roku players and TVs, Apple TV and more.

In addition to watching the Superbowl, you also get the advantage of watching the post-event shows as well as the pre-game shows. The analysis will also be at your disposal among other important information about the competitions.

There is also a trial of 5 days with PlayStation Vue and you might watch the Superbowl in this trial window.

Watching the Superbowl live on social media

In addition to the above-mentioned streaming options for the 2019 Superbowl, you can also be able to stream the Superbowl live on social media.

The advantage of social media is that they’re familiar with most people and you obviously won’t be paying a dime to enjoy the games here. The major social media networks for streaming the Superbowl live include Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. I’d recommend that you settle for either of these since they are verified as viable sources as far as the quality of the stream is concerned.

In the case of Facebook, you can be able to get live updates of the game and in the best-case scenario, you could get a link that actually does stream the whole game. What is guaranteed on Facebook however are the live briefings of the game and the updates which will be available straight from CBS.

If you have a twitter account, you can also be able to watch the game live. In the case of Reddit, which in my opinion is the best option, you will need a Reddit account and once you have one, there could be lots of subreddits via which you can be able to stream the game live.

Superbowl 2019 live stream on VPN vs Smart DNS proxy

The worst-case scenario when it comes to the Superbowl 2019 live stream is that you neither have access to the official streaming options nor do you have access to the live TV streaming services such as Fubo TV.

It’s at this point that most people give up and only watch a recorded game of the Superbowl. What if I told you that you don’t have to miss out on the game? What if I told you that there are actually two ways via which you can be able to stream the game live.

With either the VPN service or by using a SmartDNS proxy, you will have as good an experience as one who was actually streaming the game live via the CBS network. Here’s the way to go in either case:

Smart DNS proxies

From any location around the globe, including the USA, you can be able to stream the Superbowl live using smart DNS proxies.

A smart DNS proxy is an online service that allows one to get around various live streaming services that are geographically restricted such as Netflix, Pandora or in our case the CBS network. In addition to getting rid of geo restrictions, yet another advantage of using a DNS proxy is that it is usable on any device that has got an internet connection.

How you will be needed to set everything up depends on the device you have but the idea behind everything is getting a Smart DNS proxy from a trusted source such as or You will normally get these at a fee and in the case of the NFL, you should go ahead and select a DNS proxy for a region that is inside the USA.

Having obtained the DNS proxy, go ahead and change the DNS on whichever device you are using to stream the NFL. For Windows-based devices, for instance, all you got to do is change the preferred and the alternate DNS addresses then validate your settings before you head on to access the internet. For mobile devices, you will likewise be needed to change the DNS 1 and DNS 2 before you can access the internet.

Once everything is set, you can then head on to the CBS network, login with your credentials come February 3rd and stream the Superbowl live.

But that’s not all…

For smart DNS proxies, you should also watch out for any changes in your devices IP address hence if your IP address changes, you should log in to your account on your Smart DNS provider and change the IP address manually.

Using a VPN service for the Superbowl 2019 live stream

A VPN service is similar to the Smart DNS proxy with only a slight difference. For a VPN, you’ll be needing an application which will function to mask your physical location.

For anyone who lives in a geographically restricted region, using VPN might as well give you access to the official stream from CBS.

There are a lot of VPN but getting trusted one such as IPVanish is not that simple so it’s important that you do thorough research. With a VPN, you will also need to pay for a subscription package and in addition to this, you will also be needed to subscribe on your CBS account.

Upon paying for a package on the VPN app on either your smartphone or PC, select the region that’s not blacklisted which in this case ought to be anywhere in the USA. Once you’ve selected the region, go ahead and log in to your CBS account and that’s pretty much it, go ahead and enjoy the Superbowl.

Which option is better?

As much as both the Smart DNS proxy and the VPN apps tend to have parallel functionalities, a Smart DNS proxy is better as compared to a VPN in the sense that it optimizes the bandwidth speed. This means that it is much faster as compared to a VPN since you’ll be using it directly on your device whereas for a VPN app consumes the bandwidth more. Either way, it’s important to use the option that is readily available.

Superbowl 2019 live stream using an app

Thanks to technology that unlike in the previous years where we had to rely on watching the Superbowl on TV only, we can now enjoy the game in the palm of our hands while on the go.

For the mobile streaming option on the US, you can be able to not only live stream the Superbowl but also the other NFL games using the NFL app as well as the Yahoo Sports app. Now just in case you are outside the US and would like to use an app, you should go ahead and use a VPN or a Smart DNS proxy before you can use either app.

The above-mentioned applications are compatible with both iOS and Android devices for the sake of flexibility.

The NFL game pass: ideal for fans outside the US

Even though you are outside the US, you can also be able to enjoy a live stream of the game via the NFL game pass. To watch the game here, however, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee of $99 for the whole season.

The advantage to having this is that you can be able to watch all the 256 games in the regular season, the playoffs and most importantly the Superbowl.

To add icing to the cake, there will be an on-demand viewing after each game ends. With the NFL game pass, live streaming will only be limited to members outside the US.

Additional information

There will also be a performance by Maroon 5 and the pop-rock boy band for the halftime show. This is however not the official statement since artists such as Jay Z, Pink, Rihanna, and Adele did turn down the offer to perform. We’ll keep you up to date regarding the official statement on who is going to perform at the halftime show come February 3rd.


As compared to the Superbowl games that have been held in the past years, the Superbowl 2019 is promising to be one of the greatest of all the NFL games in the 2018-2019 season.

You got the various mediums through which you can stream the game and in addition to this, all the information regarding the tickets and the venue. It now lies upon you to weigh out which option is best for you regarding your geographical region and how good experience of the game you would want to have.


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