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This year’s Superbowl is expected to be, by far, one of the most interesting Superbowl games of all time. There has been an unexpected turn of events with teams that were not thought to make it to January actually now expected to get a spot in the Superbowl LIII. super bowl 2019 live

Some of the teams that are expected to play in this year’s Superbowl include the saints, the chiefs, the Patriots and the Rama. Now, whereas people were already looking forward to either of these teams making it to the Superbowl this year, what came as a surprise is some teams such as the colts actually sneaking up in January.

NFL playoff

But the question is, will any of these teams take down the ones that dominated in the 2017-2018 Superbowl? Do they have what it takes? Even more importantly, who will take home the Vince Lombardi trophy come February 3rd?

With the wild-card games of the NFL expected to begin on Saturday whereby the colts will go play against AFC South champions in the afternoon. That being said, how about we head on and have a look at some playoff predictions that we arrived at?

The Patriots& the saints

As compared to their performance in the past years, the Patriots haven’t looked as good as they do this year. Their dominance is much better but the thing is as much as there was a roller coaster ride in December among the NFL teams with each team seemingly being the possible winner of the Superbowl, there is still room for doubt with the Patriots.

With this level of uncertainty, there will be a lot of postseason intrigues which is, even more, the reason to look forward to the game.

The saints, on the other hand, as compared to the Patriots have had a more consistent performance this season and being a well-rounded team, the odds are somewhat in their favor.

The chiefs- is the loss of Kareem hunt a setback?

Since the start of the 2018-2019 season, the Chiefs have proven time and again to be the possible champions of the Superbowl but then there’s the loss of Kareem Hunt.

This loss leaves room for doubt as to whether their confidence and team coordination will hold. Now, besides the Chiefs, yet another team that could make an unexpected run are the Texans who boast to have the leadership that should be seen in any team that is after the playoff wins.

The bears- are they good enough?

In every major statistical group, the defense of the bears ranks in the top 10; these include the rushing yards allowed, the total yards allowed, the passing yards allowed as well as the sacks and interceptions. With the only other team to do this being the Seahawks in the year 2013 who actually won the Superbowl, the odds are equally as high for the bears to win the Superbowl come 3rd February.

On the other hand, …

As much as the Chicago has the best defense as compared to any of the teams they will be facing before the Superbowl, it might all depend on how well the 2nd year quarterback, Trubisky plays.

Chances are that he rebounded from his worst plays in week 14 and no other interceptions have been thrown by him ever since but instead, he has been making timely throws. Provided he maintains his play and keeps his head on the game, the bears might just end up getting their first Superbowl championship. The peaking for this team is well-timed with the head coach (Matt Nagy) creating an outstanding fun culture which is quite motivating to the players.

Our final take

Well, there you have it, the playoff games are even more interesting than last year’s games and from the various team analysis, we believe each of the teams is equally competitive.

Whereas some such as the saints have an outstanding offense and a good defense, the bears, on the other hand, have the best defense. With the patriot’s having mixed experiences and personnel, it’s not easy to determine their stand in the Superbowl.All in all, the games will be quite heated up and worth looking forward to. May the best team win.

Live, News & Updates, SUPER BOWL

With each coming year, the Superbowl game becomes even more interesting as compared to the previous year and the same is expected for the 2019 games. super bowl 2019 live stream

With the date for the Superbowl LIII closing in, there are a lot of team predictions and tension as to which team will win. With unexpected teams such as the bears and the cleats making it to January, it is all left to chance. Last year’s game narrowed down to the eagles and the patriots whereby the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33. Just as the 2018 Superbowl game was interesting, the same is expected for the 2019 Superbowl.

The scheduled date for the game is the 3rd of February and as much as the stadium in which it will be hosted can be able to accommodate as much as 71,000 fans and a maximum of 80,000 fans, the number of fans all over the world surpasses this by far.

The alternative to watching the Superbowl with just as good an experience would then be to go for the live stream which is exactly why we are here today. We’re all about letting you in on everything you should know about the official live stream.

How to watch Superbowl 2019 online for free


Despite there being a limited number of tickets to getting into the stadium so as to watch the Superbowl 2019 game live, yet another limiting factor is that the tickets are somewhat expensive to some.

So, why break the bank for the tickets when you can as well enjoy the game at the comfort of your home? For this year’s Superbowl, it will be streamed live by the CBS network. This should be at its sport’s website as well as any other mobile apps.

The best part about 2019’s live stream is that for the united states residents, you’ll be able to enjoy the game without any sign in requirements whatsoever.

Cable subscriptions

Most of the television networks in the USA will have an agreement with CBS to broadcast the game live and you should as well be able to see the game live provided you’ve got a cable subscription.

Now here’s the thing regarding Cable TV…

It is not a guarantee that the TV channel you tune in to will have rights to stream the game since not all TV channels actually do have a contract agreement with CBS network. Some of the channels are also geo-restricted and my recommendation is that you subscribe to the TV channel that is most affordable to you.

With a cable subscription, it would be a good idea to stay tuned into CBS since this way, you’re guaranteed to be up to date with all the information about the Superbowl. In addition to watching the Superbowl game, you can also be able to watch the halftime show in which case the performing artists for the Superbowl are yet to be announced.

Through CBS channel, you will be able to see even the Superbowl commercials during the Superbowl and to add icing to the cake, CBS will have a 2019 edition of the Superbowl Greatest Commercials. The details for the latter are yet to be announced and you should probably keep up to date with CBS news on the Superbowl.

What happens once the Superbowl game is through

As much as the Superbowl will be the event of the day come February 3rd, 2019, it’s not all that CBS has in store for you. The CBS Superbowl 2019 live stream will have a premiere of the new talent competition series, the World’s Best which should commence at 10 PM ET/ 7 PM PT and this is approximately the post-game coverage

Using the CBS All Access

Not having cable TV does not mean that you will completely miss out on the game. Provided you have a stable internet connection, you can go ahead and stream the game online via CBS All Access. This can be on iOS devices, Android-based devices, Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and many more.

Final verdict

You got all the information you need and everything you should expect from the Superbowl live stream come February 3rd. It is therefore up to you now to seek out the option you deem fit for the Superbowl 2019 live stream.


Like most of today’s sports, Superbowl is not all about the fans and in it as well, the best players, as well as the best teams, are appreciated and they get to walk home with an award. super bowl 2019 live stream

With the 2018-2019 season almost coming to an end, it is important that you know which awards are given to who since some of these are actually determined by the fans. Quite interesting, right? Most awards, however, go to only the winning team which is arrived at after all the teams have played against every other team in the regular season games so yes, the winners are worthy of the awards.

So, that being said, let’s go ahead and have a look at what they’re all about…

Superbowl rings and awards

The MVP (most valuable player) winners

in the final Superbowl games, there is an award for the most valuable player. This, of course, is not dictated by only a single game but instead, the MVP is determined by their performance throughout the regular season.

Here’s how it is arrived at…

The game is decided by a fan vote during the game whereby all the fans have a say in 201% of the votes whereas the remaining 80% is going to be determined by a panel of 16 American football writers and broadcasters who vote the MVP after the game is done.

For 2018, the MVP was Nick Foles and he passed 373 yards, three touchdowns and in addition to this, he scored the fourth touchdown as a receiver hence became the very first player in Football history to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in Superbowl. This is, for instance, is a play worthy of the MVP award.

The Vince Lombardi trophy

As expected, the winning team in the Superbowl does get an award. The Vince Lombardi trophy is deemed as the most important award one could end up within the NFL. Before the year 1970, it was named as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

So, who is Vince Lombardi?

Born in the year 1913, Vince Lombardi is known to be one of the most successful head coaches in the American Football history. He captured 5 out of 9 NFL championships as a leader of the Greek bay packers and upon his death in the 3rd of September 1970, the trophy was named after him.

The Superbowl trophy was initially presented inside the locker room of the winning team but this went on until the year 1996 in the Superbowl XXX where the trophy is presented to the owner of the winning team in the field right after the game.

The trophy is also made a new each year and the winning team will retain the trophy permanently. Being made of entirely sterling silver, the trophy shows in regulation-size a football in kicking position. It has got a height of 22 inches and weighs 3kgs and at the base of the trophy the words “Vince Lombardy Trophy” engraved and there is also the NFL logo.

After it is awarded, it is then sent back to the makers to have the logo and name of the winning team engraved.

The Superbowl rings

Given to each member of the winning Superbowl team is the Superbowl ring so as to commemorate their win in the Superbowl. These are basically made of white and yellow diamonds and also to include the logo of the team, the team’s name and the Superbowl number that is normally in roman numerals. Up to 150 rings are produced and paid for by the NFL with each one of them cost up to $5000. Any additional costs are catered for by the team

Final verdict

With all the information you need to know about the who gets which award in the 2019 Superbowl, I’m pretty sure the anticipation of this year’s Superbowl is more intense.

It would take quite a lot of effort to get one of the awards let alone all of the 4 awards and as a fan, the least you can do is show your support for the best team come February 3rd. We’ve also got a team analysis as to which team we think is going to win this year’s game which you should definitely take a look at.

Live, News & Updates, SUPER BOWL

We’re left with less than a month to the 53rd Superbowl games and this being the case, you need all the information you can get to watching the game. super bowl 2019 live stream

Just like it has been the case in the previous years and with the game between the Eagles and the Patriots at Superbowl LII being one of the most intense games in the Superbowl history, it is expected that this year’s game is even more intense.

So, with this being the case, it is important that you know where the Superbowl will take place as well as the time which is why we’re here today.

We’re all about letting you in on as much information as possible regarding this year’s Superbowl and at the very end, we’ll also give you ticket information that you can rely on.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and have a look at today’s main agenda.

The venue of the Superbowl 2019

Where is Super Bowl 2019

As much as the Superbowl 2019 can be streamed live via the CBS channel if you have got cable TV or through their official website via CBS All Access, it will not be a good an experience if you’d like to get the best out of this one-time event.

It, therefore, comes as a priority to know where the game will take place which in our case is the Mercedes Benz Stadium. This is going to be a one of a kind event in the Superbowl history as well since no other Superbowl game has ever been played in this stadium since the stadium was only opened recently.

This is going to be the third Superbowl played in Atlanta which is also the home to the Falcons and it will also be the third time the Superbowl is being played here. The first time was in Superbowl XXVII which took place in Georgia Dome, 1994 and had the cowboys walking home with the win and the second time was in the year 2000 whereby the Rams emerged as the winners in the Superbowl XXXIV

Who will play at the Superbowl 53?

There are some matches still going on in both the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference and it is until we have the emerging winners in either side that we will be able to know for sure the two teams that are going to face each other in Superbowl LIII com February 3rd.

The odds, however, have it 4-to-1 that the Patriots might actually return to this year’s Superbowl which will be their third straight Superbowl. The next best odds, at 8-to-1, is that the Steelers will make it to the Superbowl and the odds that the Eagles will lead the NFC field are at 10-to-1. The Eagles are then closely by followed by the Packers and the Vikings at 12-to-1 odds, the Saints have it at 16-to-1 and the, on the other hand, have the odds at 18-to-1 to make it to this year’s Superbowl which will also be their very first Superbowl at home ground.

The commencement time of Superbowl LIII

The official kick-off time for Superbowl LIII will be at 6:30 eastern time and there will also be a super bowl 2019 live stream on the CBS channel via cable and you could also stream it online via CBS All Access. If you can’t grab the tickets, at least you do know when to tune in to CBS. Speaking of the tickets, let’s have a look next at how to get the best deals.

Superbowl LIII tickets- get the best deals

There are a lot of offers you will get on the internet and more of the same when the Superbowl gets even closer. But, so as to get the best deals on the tickets, I’d recommend that you settle for none other than Here, you can not only get a ticket but also get to choose the seat position you prefer.

Well, it’s not really the best deal if you have no ticket guarantee. The delivery is fast and there is a refund in the unlikely case that you might not get your ticket.


It’s finally time to wrap everything up and with the details on the time and venue of the Superbowl as well as the tickets, all that’s left for you now is simply waiting for 3rd February and hoping that the odds will be in the favor of your team.

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