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NFL playoff predictions: who’s really the best?

This year’s Superbowl is expected to be, by far, one of the most interesting Superbowl games of all time. There has been an unexpected turn of events with teams that were not thought to make it to January actually now expected to get a spot in the Superbowl LIII. super bowl 2019 live

Some of the teams that are expected to play in this year’s Superbowl include the saints, the chiefs, the Patriots and the Rama. Now, whereas people were already looking forward to either of these teams making it to the Superbowl this year, what came as a surprise is some teams such as the colts actually sneaking up in January.

NFL playoff

But the question is, will any of these teams take down the ones that dominated in the 2017-2018 Superbowl? Do they have what it takes? Even more importantly, who will take home the Vince Lombardi trophy come February 3rd?

With the wild-card games of the NFL expected to begin on Saturday whereby the colts will go play against AFC South champions in the afternoon. That being said, how about we head on and have a look at some playoff predictions that we arrived at?

The Patriots& the saints

As compared to their performance in the past years, the Patriots haven’t looked as good as they do this year. Their dominance is much better but the thing is as much as there was a roller coaster ride in December among the NFL teams with each team seemingly being the possible winner of the Superbowl, there is still room for doubt with the Patriots.

With this level of uncertainty, there will be a lot of postseason intrigues which is, even more, the reason to look forward to the game.

The saints, on the other hand, as compared to the Patriots have had a more consistent performance this season and being a well-rounded team, the odds are somewhat in their favor.

The chiefs- is the loss of Kareem hunt a setback?

Since the start of the 2018-2019 season, the Chiefs have proven time and again to be the possible champions of the Superbowl but then there’s the loss of Kareem Hunt.

This loss leaves room for doubt as to whether their confidence and team coordination will hold. Now, besides the Chiefs, yet another team that could make an unexpected run are the Texans who boast to have the leadership that should be seen in any team that is after the playoff wins.

The bears- are they good enough?

In every major statistical group, the defense of the bears ranks in the top 10; these include the rushing yards allowed, the total yards allowed, the passing yards allowed as well as the sacks and interceptions. With the only other team to do this being the Seahawks in the year 2013 who actually won the Superbowl, the odds are equally as high for the bears to win the Superbowl come 3rd February.

On the other hand, …

As much as the Chicago has the best defense as compared to any of the teams they will be facing before the Superbowl, it might all depend on how well the 2nd year quarterback, Trubisky plays.

Chances are that he rebounded from his worst plays in week 14 and no other interceptions have been thrown by him ever since but instead, he has been making timely throws. Provided he maintains his play and keeps his head on the game, the bears might just end up getting their first Superbowl championship. The peaking for this team is well-timed with the head coach (Matt Nagy) creating an outstanding fun culture which is quite motivating to the players.

Our final take

Well, there you have it, the playoff games are even more interesting than last year’s games and from the various team analysis, we believe each of the teams is equally competitive.

Whereas some such as the saints have an outstanding offense and a good defense, the bears, on the other hand, have the best defense. With the patriot’s having mixed experiences and personnel, it’s not easy to determine their stand in the Superbowl.All in all, the games will be quite heated up and worth looking forward to. May the best team win.

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